The Team

Meet the minds behind The Monsoon Project


catiabiopicCatia Rizio, Editor-in-Chief

Catia is a third year student at ANU. Her interest for Asia was ignited during high school through studies of international relations and history that have continued into university. Catia was the recipient of a New Colombo Mobility grant in her first year that saw her undertake a summer study program at Waseda University in Tokyo. Recently she undertook field work in Thailand and Myanmar as part of the Southeast Asian Frontiers course at ANU. Her current major interest revolves around how Asia’s rapid development is impacting the lives of ordinary people. Catia sees Monsoon as a great way for students from all disciplines to learn about Asia. Her vision for Monsoon is to strengthen and grow within its role as a publication which showcases talent, promotes discussion and provides opportunities for young people to engage with the academic and cultural sphere of the Asia-Pacific in a meaningful way. In her spare time Catia enjoys music, tea and brunch! Catia speaks English, Chinese and some Thai.


biopicmishMish Khan, Editorial Board

Mish is a second year Asian Studies/Law (Hon) student at the ANU. Hoping to major in Burmese language, Mish has an avid interest in international relations within the Asia-Pacific, with a keen interest in the cultural and political dynamics of Southeast Asia. Having had the opportunity to land scholarships to study across Japan and Singapore whilst also experiencing Malaysia and Myanmar she strongly believes in the importance for young Australians to be Asia-literate, and for educational institutions to facilitate these opportunities. Co-currently involved in the ANU International Relations Society, ANU ASEAN society, and the New Mandala, Mish enjoys engaging with academic, peers and other key thinkers to create fresh perspectives on culture, society and politics in Asia. She speaks English, Italian, Urdu, Hindi and is also busy improving her messy Arabic. 


Oliver Friedmann, Editorial Board 

Oliver is a second year PhB (Asian Studies) student at ANU, who’s interest in Southeast Asian culture and religion was first piqued after sitting a 10 day Vipassana meditation course at the start of 2015. Since then, he has attempted to actively craft his educational experience at ANU. With a background in media production and advertising, Oliver hopes to engage a younger audience and create content that encourages students to look beyond the confines of their the school or university gate, and seek out opportunity. His academic interest base is broad; whilst focusing mostly on political and religious relations in Burma and Thailand, he is also interested in New Age Spirituality and Indigenous cultures. He hopes to move to Burma in 2017. He speaks English, some Thai and is learning Burmese.


Nicky Lovegrove, Editorial Board 

Nicky Lovegrove is in his final year of an Asia Pacific / Arts double degree. Majoring in International Relations, Development Studies, Asia-Pacific Politics, and Chinese
language, he has developed a keen interest in all things global. He is especially passionate about the China-US relationship, nuclear politics, social justice and global inequality. He recently returned from one year exchange at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, where he gained a much richer understanding of Chinese culture, politics and development. He was a delegate for the ANU’s Asia-Pacific Week in 2014, and has been active in the Australia China Youth Association. He speaks Mandarin, and since his time in China has serious plans to pick up more languages.



Mitiana Arbon, Editorial Board 

Mitiana Arbon is in his final year of a Bachelor of Pacific Studies/Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art Theory. As a student of Pacific Island heritage, Mitiana has a keen interest in the social, cultural and political challenges affecting contemporary Pacific nations. Mitiana has undertaken overseas study in Samoa as part of the Pacific field school courses on offer at ANU and is passionate about connecting Australians more with the diversity and complexity of their immediate region. Mitiana’s current interest lies in the influence of trans-national diaspora communities within their original Island communities. He is an active member of the ANU Pasifika Student Society and in the past was involved with outreach programs targeted at encouraging high school aged Pacific Islander students to continue studies at a tertiary level. Mitiana speaks English and French with growing competency in Tok Pisin and Samoan.


Morgan Kerle, Editorial Board 12596462_1085012431551478_1115401367_n

Morgan is a second year Bachelor of Arts student at the ANU. Majoring in International Relations with a minor in Asian Studies, Morgan’s focus is on understanding the global context of the diverse relationships and interests present in the region. Morgan also has a strong interest in cultural studies and media production. Morgan has visited Japan several times, and prior to joining the Monsoon project studied Japanese language and culture. He once ate sea urchin gonads (うに).



Sophie Ryan, Editorial Board 

Sophie is a third year Asia-Pacific Studies and Business Administration student at the ANU. Originally from Newcastle NSW, her interest for Asia-Pacific affairs grew from a love of global studies and politics at school. She also loves running, reading and good music!



Tammy Cho, Editorial Board 

Tammy is in her final year of Asia-Pacific Studies and Law at the ANU. Her fascination with the Asian region stemmed from learning about the creation of the Korean script – Hangul – and the ability of language to empower individuals, communities and nations. This led to a wider interest in Northeast Asian relations and culture. Tammy has had the pleasure of studying at Osaka University in Japan and in 2013, she helped organise the pilot APEC Youth Summit in Bali, Indonesia. She has recently returned from Geneva, Switzerland, wherein she analysed the role of international organisations in shaping and implementing international law. Tammy has been heavily involved with the ANU Asia Pacific Week conference – a manifestation of her passion for improving the accessibility of knowledge and Asia-Pacific literacy. She speaks English, Korean and some Japanese.
_Rashna Farrukh, Editorial Board 

Rashna is in her third year of her Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics/Bachelor of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies at the ANU. She moved around a lot as a kid, and has lived in countries such as Thailand, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Rashna focuses on South Asia, looking at the geo-political and social challenges unique affecting people there. She also loves learning about Islam and Australia’s relationship with it, and is particularly passionate about the need for intersectionality within feminism. She was the founding Editor in Chief of Bossy Magazine (the Women’s Department’s Annual Magazine), the Creative Director of Woroni (ANU Student Media), and is currently the Secretary of the ANU Ethnocultural Committee. Rashna speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, a little bit of French, and is currently learning Arabic.