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How Much Damage Can Two Characters Do?

Monsoon Subeditor Timothy Magarry explores the effects of a Japanese imperial abdication on its calendar, asking – what year is it? When Japan’s Emperor Akihito’s […]

You Are What You Bleed

Monsoon subeditor Rashna Farrukh explores a common topic of conversation in Japan; your blood. In 2008, four of the ten bestselling books in Japan linked […]

The Kids Aren’t Alright

Are Japan’s jobless youth lazy and aimless or victims of economic decline and social inertia?

靖国神社の木漏れ日 The ‘komorebi’ of Yasukuni Shrine

NICK HORTON reflects on his recent visit to Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine and Japanese national identity. This post was originally published on Nick’s blog, Nikkuhon ニック本. […]