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The fantastic, fanatic ‘cult’- run Japanese idol group

Meet the newest Japanese idol group composed entirely of so-called cult members: anjewel. The idol group – a commercially manufactured pop group, typically of young […]

Two sides of the gambler’s coin: Japan’s conflicting opinions on casino expansion plans

Large, flashy Pachinko parlours light up the streets of Japan. These are pinball arcades that have marginally circumvented Japan’s anti-gambling laws for many decades. However, […]

The Billion-yen Bear

When the earthquake in April 2016 hit Kumamoto City, the internet lit up with a very peculiar question: “Is Kumamon okay?” At 1.5 metres tall, […]

A Cultural Deep Fry

How do fast food giants like McDonalds and Starbucks become popular in Asia? Do they tailor themselves to suit the culinary cultures of the home […]