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Source: Vaiz Ha https://www.flickr.com/photos/vaizha/27132340204/in/photolist-HkAkt3-gwmAC2-5g9QqC-gwmN7H-2hWwE2-acsp5S-dQvD8e-8rosg9-4sSVA-6WX3YY-6NSNT5-feTDgn-ff8Wa9-4sQoG-nXwuWR-7XUo9w-ff946N-8xc6V3-8trC2D-6xvyYm-5bqA2B-6zkCkr-392KM-8sTqT7-8v3g92-cfsDHb-8rkjAZ-8W57xW-7kvAaq-53Etkm-53EXch-eVydFd-5nrKmp-myJ4x-8DPgQA-fda6pF-mjHqp-pCDJD-6GFhPj-fdpnLo-fda3Re-H5hpP-6NNG5z-6AJfrJ-mjF9m-eVykwA-pHAjU-4u7wjX-dnVccY-gwmFi5

Warm diplomacy in the world’s coldest capital

“The sleeping giant of Asia has awakened.” So warned Charles Morgan, the Honourable Member for Reid speaking of Asia to a deeply divided Australian parliament […]

Feature image: Noliv Orange, Reading the newspaper at Bei-Hai park in Beijing

Paper Cats and Uncivilised Swimmers

Why a Chinese Communist Party newspaper attacked “Paper Cat” Australia and Netizens are trolling an Olympic athlete. Canberra’s recent decision to support an international arbitration […]


The ‘Humans of’ revolution: what in the world do Sydney and Naypyidaw have in common?

Monsoon subeditor Oliver Friedmann interviews Olivia Cable and reflects on his experiences with Humans of Sydney. Sydney and Naypyidaw are vastly different places. One is […]

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Learning Asian Languages: A Dummy’s Guide

There is a divide in Australia. The divide I am talking about here is between those with proper access to Asian language learning and those […]