Filling Coombs with the Ocean

BIANCA HENNESSY reflects on academic spaces at university after preparing a photo exhibition from a field school in Samoa. The Coombs building at ANU is a […]

Reflections on the Pacific: A So’o of Images from Samoa

NIKKI SLOAN, BIANCA HENNESSY, EMMA ROBERTS and MAEA BUHRE curate a selection of images from the 2013 Pacific Field School Last December, in a so’o […]

The Vanishing Villages of Rural Japan

IZAAC SMITH shares a particularly unique experience travelling in Japan’s Akita prefecture. In February this year I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity […]

Representing Terrorism

GERAINT SCHMIDT comments on the international media responses to the Kunming terrorist attacks. I watched an interesting video recently. It was a time lapse video […]