Taiwan Archaeology and the Zou People

Words by WILL ZOU. Taiwan is an island bound by many narratives. I would like to share with you one academic narrative and one personal […]

Dear Hawai’i

“For all her serene beauty, Hawai’i is still occupied by a turbulent nation-state.” BIANCA HENNESSY shares her reflections and images documenting her reactions to Hawai’i’s enduringly present history.

State, society, and the language of jade in Southeast Asia

Words by ALICE DAWKINS. Peruse the internet for Myanmar-China news and the space is awash with insights about the two states’ participation in the trade […]

Chinese “black children” refugee protection claims in Australia; A consistent approach?

SARAH LONGO details Australia’s response to refugee protection claims from children born outside the one-child policy. A consequence of China’s one-child policy was the creation […]