Less Talk, More Action: Battling Indonesia’s ‘Corruption Culture’

FAY EDWARDS argues that despite being lauded as one of corruption’s biggest enemies, the efforts of civil society have failed to reduce corruption in Indonesia […]

Russia and China: It’s more than just hot air

SARAH LONGO navigates the politics of Russia and China’s energy relationship The recent 400 billion dollar energy deal between China and Russia is the culmination of […]

Justified Injustice? Shari’a Law in Aceh, Indonesia

JESS VAN LIEVEN looks into a modern issue of legal pluralism. On the 8th of May, a young widow in the Indonesian province of Aceh was […]

A Letter From Samoa

NIKKI MARINER, ANU academic, writes to us from Talofa, Samoa.   Talofa! Greetings from Samoa aka The Pearl of the Pacific. The crisp Canberra autumn I’ve […]