Film Review: A Touch of Sin

GUS McCUBBING reviews the new Chinese film everyone’s talking about. A Touch of Sin, 2013 Director: Jia Zhang Ke The poster boy of China’s “Sixth Generation” […]

Tales From the East: An Australian Foreign Correspondent’s Brilliant Career

ALICE DAWKINS tells the story of the brilliant career of esteemed Australian journalist David Jenkins.   Few have experienced the course of history in the Asia-Pacific […]

East Asia Ground Zero

GEORGE OBER surveys the socio-cultural lie of the land of East Asia. East Asia in 2013 doesn’t look like anywhere else in the world right now. […]

Spice, Life and Mezze

CHARLOTTE BARCLAY‘s homage to Parramatta and what makes it unmissable. Founded in 1788, Parramatta is Australia’s oldest inland European settlement with a history as diverse as […]