Have an article or image?

Have an Asia Pacific-related article that you would like published?! We like to publish short pieces on current, interesting or important issues, events, experiences or ideas.

We will publish analysis, photo essays, book reviews, travel pieces or anything else that you feel fits what The Monsoon Project is about.

Our guidelines for submission are:

  • Aim for a word length of 600 to 800 words
  • All referencing should be done in links rather than footnotes or in text citations
  • Please include a short description of yourself that will be placed at the bottom of your article
  • Ensure that you are writing for a public audience that is non-specialist and might not have any knowledge of your chosen topic
  • Avoid acronyms
  • Use short paragraphs that are only 3-4 sentences long

Please send all submissions to

Want to take it further?

If you are keen to expand your skills in writing, editing, design, web management The Monsoon Project is always keen to expand its team to include more passionate people.

There are two ways to get involved.

  1. If you are an ANU student you can take part in our course ASIA3024 Digital Frontiers in the Asia-Pacific and gain credit for your work for Monsoon as part of your degree program
  2. You can volunteer your time to become part of the Monsoon team.  

Please send us an email at if you are keen to be involved.

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