Category: Southeast Asia

Tales of Tailless Cats

EMMA ROBERTS uncovers one of the greatest mysteries encountered by many on South East Asia journeys. One of the first things many travelers in South […]

Less Talk, More Action: Battling Indonesia’s ‘Corruption Culture’

FAY EDWARDS argues that despite being lauded as one of corruption’s biggest enemies, the efforts of civil society have failed to reduce corruption in Indonesia […]

Justified Injustice? Shari’a Law in Aceh, Indonesia

JESS VAN LIEVEN looks into a modern issue of legal pluralism. On the 8th of May, a young widow in the Indonesian province of Aceh was […]

How to be a Good Guest in Java

ANGHARAD ‘HARI’ LODWICK’s essential guide to Javanese culture. This is a guide for all those who ever visit Indonesia over Lebaran and find themselves invited to […]