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Monsoon Annual 2015: Call for subeditors, designers, translators

Dear Readers, It’s that time of the year again! Work is already beginning on compiling our best stories from the year into a beautiful, hard […]

Mushi-shi: The Anime

The Monsoon Project’s lead Anime expert LEE COPE explores the challenges and delights of understanding culturally-connected meaning through the Tokyo Anime Award-winning Mushi-shi. There are […]

Politics to what ends? The Death Penalty and Indonesia’s Human Rights Obligations.

The executions of nine foreign nationals on death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking has resulted in massive international outcry, especially from one of its […]

Chinese “black children” refugee protection claims in Australia; A consistent approach?

SARAH LONGO details Australia’s response to refugee protection claims from children born outside the one-child policy. A consequence of China’s one-child policy was the creation […]