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Mish Khan is a 4th year Asian Studies/Law student with an interest in Southeast Asia

More engagement, not less, with Myanmar

As outcry against Myanmar’s military grows, Australia must continue to create and sustain ties on a people-to-people basis, Mish Khan writes.

Should we boycott Myanmar?

In tourism brochure clichés, Myanmar is often referred to as the last jewel of Asia. After fifty years of isolation under military rule, the newly […]

Lights, cameras, inaction

A deteriorating political culture in Cambodia finds fuel in narcissism and social media, writes Mish Khan. There is no stage quite like Cambodia, where political elites double as […]

Myanmar’s emerging fast food mecca

A pilgrimage of the palate: Mish Khan examines how the introduction of western fast food in Myanmar is being received to the delight – and […]