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The Rohingya

An article from the Economist once called the Rohingya people ‘the most persecuted people on Earth.’ I, a refugee from Afghanistan now settled in the […]

Pacific Women In Parliament: A ‘Pleasant Surprise’

MATILDA GILLIS outlines the ‘transformative’ potential for culture to facilitate and promote female participation in Pacific politics. ‘Her election was seen as a ‘pleasant surprise […]

Humans of West Papua

EMMA ROBERTS documents an eye-opening week in the Baliem Valley of Papua, Indonesia. What she encountered was a place where Melanesian culture is strong but the […]

靖国神社の木漏れ日 The ‘komorebi’ of Yasukuni Shrine

NICK HORTON reflects on his recent visit to Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine and Japanese national identity. This post was originally published on Nick’s blog, Nikkuhon ニック本. […]