The Monsoon Project is proud to announce a new team to the Board!

I, Supriya, am Monsoon’s new editor and working along with me are two fantastic Deputy Editors – Cherry Zheng and Wennan (Sean) Zhu. We are all undergraduates within the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific but have varied interests across the discipline, so this time, you will find Monsoon working to bring content from all Schools within ANU. Whilst the content will be interdisciplinary, Monsoon’s foremost purpose will continue to be informing readers (and now, listeners!) about the Asia-Pacific region.

Monsoon will also be introducing its first-ever podcast series, BrainSTORM (pardon the pun!), where we will hold discussions on the most pertinent issues facing the region alongside other students and occasionally, some guest speakers!

The Monsoon Project has retained a tradition of publishing new and young voices from the region and this feature distinguishes it from other academic blogs housed at the Crawford School of Public Policy. We encourage undergraduate, HDR and postgraduate students to dip their toes in Monsoon’s puddles to get a feel of writing deeply analytical opinion pieces that are easily digestible to the wider public.

Monsoon aims to be inclusive of voices even outside of the College of Asia and the Pacific as we value diversity in perspectives. If you would like to contribute a blog piece towards Monsoon, email your pitch or a draft article to For more information on how to write an op-ed for an academic blog, check out the Monsoon Style Guide on our website. Alternatively, if you want to be involved in a podcast episode, do not hesitate to get in touch through our email and we will get in touch soon after. And lastly, if you are curious to learn more about the world of academic blogging and be part of our dynamic team, apply to the Crawford-based Internship – Editor’s Practicum course being offered next semester. Applications close this Sunday so get in quick for a fantastic opportunity to work with Monsoon and gain practical skills by working with one of Crawford’s other academic blogs. We also value feedback from both our listeners and readers so be sure to get in touch through email, Facebook or Twitter.  

We are excited about the new term ahead and look forward to taking Monsoon to new heights!

Posted by Supriya Benjamin

Supriya is the Editor of the Monsoon Project. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Asian Studies alongside a Bachelor of International Relations at the Australian National University. Her main interests lie in South Asia and its growing importance in the Asia-Pacific.

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