Month: March 2017

Travelling for Tailoring: Can a dress be made in 24 hours?

The apparel industry put Hoi An on the bucket list for travellers to Vietnam, but is the industry more harm than good? Hoi An, central […]

The Enigma of the East: Duterte and the Queer Community

While Duterte clamps down hard on drugs and corruption, his attitudes on Queer-rights issues border on paradoxical. It’s hard to believe that the man heralded […]

Australia’s Afghanistan Legacy: Missing in Action?

Six years ago I was a soldier in the volatile province of Uruzgan, where Australia sent the bulk of its forces during its commitment to […]

Increasing Boys Prostitution in Indonesia

He walks into the terrace house with a red face, and lowered head. He shakes hands and sits on the floor cross-legged. His head bowed […]