Month: August 2016

Racism in Beijing Megaclubs

For foreigners new to Beijing, the allure of the Sanlitun megaclubs is irresistible. There are few cosmopolitan capitals where shabbily dressed foreigners can experience the […]

Bear in the Big Blue Dispute

Russia’s policy of non-involvement in the South China Sea (SCS) is now uncertain after Moscow announced that it will participate in exercises with China in […]

Media Control in China: Zhao Wei and Weibo

Often when it comes to film all the drama plays out on the silver screen. Not so in China. A recent controversy played out on […]

Magikarp are the fish to catch in Pokémon Go oasis Sokcho

Reza Mazumder explores how South Korea’s National Security Act and its restrictions on Google Maps has indirectly transformed Sokcho city into an oasis for South Korea’s […]