Month: May 2016

Changing maps of the Asia Pacific

Monsoon subeditor Nicky Lovegrove looks at how maps are constantly changing in the Asia Pacific. “The map is not the territory”, as the father of […]

The United Arab Emirates: An Unlikely Development Partner For Pacific Island States

Monsoon Subeditor Mitiana Arbon reflects on the flourishing development partnership between the United Arab Emirates and Pacific Island States. The last decade for Pacific Island […]

Fanning Under the Influence

Monsoon subeditor Rashna Farrukh on why you should never sleep with your fan on.  Not too long ago, fan death was a concept virtually unknown […]

Wiki: The Unsuspecting Hawai’ian Word

Monsoon Subeditor Mitiana Arbon reflects on the origin and adoption of the Hawai’ian word wiki into the English language. These days it is impossible not […]