Month: August 2015


Reflections on Hugh White’s ‘Power Shift’ – Five Years On.

MISH KHAN recounts and analyses Hugh White and John Garnaut’s recent dialogue on the 5th anniversary of White’s influential article, Power Shift. Hugh White certainly […]


靖国神社の木漏れ日 The ‘komorebi’ of Yasukuni Shrine

NICK HORTON reflects on his recent visit to Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine and Japanese national identity. This post was originally published on Nick’s blog, Nikkuhon ニック本. […]


RAMSI: An inevitable failure

MATILDA GILLIS argues that the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (‘RAMSI’) in 2003 was an inevitable failure resulting from the inherent limitations of state […]


Book Review: Factory Girls

Monsoon Editor, MISH KHAN reviews Factory Girls by Leslie T Chang detailing the contemporary situation of female migrant workers in industrial cities in China. Factory Girls by Leslie […]