Month: May 2015


A Shanghai Dispatch

BERNICE CHEN muses on arts and letters in Shanghai. Shanghai’s largest bookstore, Shu Cheng on Fuzhou Road (a rather naff translation is ‘Shanghai Book City’; ‘Wall […]


Politics to what ends? The Death Penalty and Indonesia’s Human Rights Obligations.

The executions of nine foreign nationals on death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking has resulted in massive international outcry, especially from one of its […]

One of my favorite photos of the last week. These girls gave me something to smile about. Melamchour, Sindhupalchowk. 1 May 2015.

Photography from the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake

Images and Captions by LOKESH TODI. The Grokha earthquake, which killed more than 7000 people, hit Nepal on 25 April 2015. Lokesh Todi is a Nepalese […]