Month: October 2014


Getting Loud in Beijing

MADDY KING is currently living in Beijing as part of the College of Asia & the Pacific’s Year in Asia program. She shares with us […]

“I feel good when I can do my job correctly, and catch vandalists at the temple. One time when I was working at 1:30am, I heard footsteps around the temple. I called other security. We went to the temple slowly and saw 9 strange people walking I caught them and brought them to the security post. After questioning them, I decided not to report them to the police.”

“Why was that?”

“This is not a big problem so I forgave long as they promised not to do it again.” 

(Yogyakarta, Java)

Humans of Indonesia

Up and coming photographer ALEX TAN provides us with an intimate window into day-to-day life in Indonesia. You can follow more of Alex’s work on […]


Fears and Findings on an Asia-Pacific Odyssey

  ALEXIA FULLER lets us into her thoughts as she navigates a new adventure in the region. In March of this year, I had to […]


A Letter From Hong Kong

NICK HELLEBERG writes to us from the streets of Hong Kong. The major shopping streets and business areas in Hong Kong are full of demonstrators […]