Month: September 2014

Becoming ‘drawn in’ to Pacific culture

FOO JIA KAI details his passion for Pacific culture through his experiences with the art of tatau. Tataus (tattoos) are used as markers for Pacific Islanders […]

Filling Coombs with the Ocean

BIANCA HENNESSY reflects on academic spaces at university after preparing a photo exhibition from a field school in Samoa. The Coombs building at ANU is a […]

Reflections on the Pacific: A So’o of Images from Samoa

NIKKI SLOAN, BIANCA HENNESSY, EMMA ROBERTS and MAEA BUHRE curate a selection of images from the 2013 Pacific Field School Last December, in a so’o […]

The Vanishing Villages of Rural Japan

IZAAC SMITH shares a particularly unique experience travelling in Japan’s Akita prefecture. In February this year I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity […]